Degree Equivalency

If you want to study at INRS and hold a degree from a Canadian province outside Quebec or from another country, make sure your degree is recognized in Quebec before submitting your application for admission

For information on university degree equivalencies, select the country where you earned your degree from the list.

Please note that holding a degree whose equivalency is recognized does not guarantee admission to the program of your choice. You must also meet the specific requirements of the program you have selected.

French proficiency

French is the official language used at INRS. However, French proficiency is not one of the selection criteria for admission to graduate programs. Once admitted, students have two years to acquire a working knowledge of French that meets the requirements of the International French Test.

All international students enrolled in a regular, full-time program and whose mother tongue is not French can take beginner, intermediate, or advanced French courses. INRS offers the courses free of charge during the fall and winter terms. For more information, keep an eye out for emails from Student Services at the beginning of each term.

Quebec’s Education System

Quebec’s university system is similar to that in the rest of North America. It has three levels: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral.

Master’s programs last an average of two years, full time, and doctoral programs four years, full time. To earn a degree, you must complete a certain number of credits, approximately 60 for a master’s and 120 for a doctorate.

Liste des pays (boîtes-tiroirs)